The first quarter of 2021 has come and gone, and thanks to the distribution of vaccines across the country, there is hope on the horizon! Last year was unlike any other. With the chaos came some incredible innovations for our industry and new practices that we will continue to implement for years to come.

Recognizing where we are today, I have recently made it a priority to emerge from the crisis-mode we’ve all been living in as businesses leaders and teams. At Cummins Facility Services (CFS), our goal in 2021 is not to lose sight of the incredible ways we’ve expanded, while re-emphasizing and re-prioritizing the basics that made us who we are today.

As we’ve begun this process, it’s brought to light many questions that we, and many businesses, have not had a moment to pause and reflect on in quite some time. What were our goals before Covid-19? How do our core values fit into this new way of living and working? What principles brought us to where we are today? Now is the time to bring back the basics, strengthen our decades-long foundation and use that footing to step into the future at CFS.

Safely restoring normalcy

The new normal is still very unpredictable and in the works each day. While none of us knows for sure what business will look like in three months, six months, or a year from now, there’s no question that we must begin SAFELY adjusting and re-engaging in some forms of in-person communication, socialization, development, and quality control.

For so long, we’ve stepped back from anything that could cause an unnecessary exposure – measures I followed diligently and fully support. But, now is the time to begin in-depth check-ins with clients. Where is their comfort level? How has Covid-19 impacted their staff and customer interactions? How can we help them achieve their goals? For those clients who are comfortable, I am slowly reinstating in-person, distanced meetings. These create opportunities for face-to-face communication, allows me to see their facilities on-site, and truly understand how we can help with quality control and safe operations.

I think as business leaders, it’s important to begin gauging where people are, and meeting them there. There is no one size fits all, and the key to restoring normalcy is recognizing that it will come in steps. We won’t climb at the same pace or get to the top of the mountain at the same time. But, we can all help each other start the journey.

Making the most of momentum

Even in 2020, we saw substantial growth at CFS – from a new headquarters, to expanding to new locations. We recently opened our first office in Cleveland, and opened a second in Findlay, Ohio. In addition, we have seen significant expansion at Facility Genius – a certified solutions expert staffed by industry, engineering, and technical personnel to proactively and responsibly improve a company’s efficiencies, environment and facility management processes.

Our new endeavors have only enhanced our emphasis on scaling back to the basics. With anything in life, from your home, to your relationships, to your projects, the foundation has to be strong to be able to keep building higher. It’s refreshing to step back from the eye of the storm and see a clearer path from where we’ve all been and where we can go.

For CFS, this means focusing on helping smaller, diverse companies who may be struggling to get a firm footing. It means investing in our core values of safety, teamwork, attention to detail and relationships. And for our leadership, current employees and new team members, it means we now have the opportunity to stop, collect ourselves, and move forward, together.

“None of us is as smart as all of us,” says Kenneth H. Blanchard. We, as leaders, can work smarter if we lift up our teams, clarify our strategies, and use the principles that brought us here to move us forward to a clearer, brighter future.

Jill Frey, President & CEO
Cummins Facility Services, LLC