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98% of our Customers have Partnered with Cummins for Over 10 Years

At Cummins Facility Services, we place the highest priority on our customers’ needs. As a national leader in FM services, we are proud to highlight that 98% of our clients have maintained their partnership with us for over a decade. This exceptional retention rate is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, demonstrated through our expert team, efficient processes, top-tier services, and cutting-edge technology

We Serve Customers in these Industries

Cummins Facility Services: Manufacturing Centers

Manufacturing Centers

Cummins Facility Services: Fulfillment Warehouses

Fulfillment Warehouses

Cummins Facility Services: Education and Universities

Corporate Offices

Cummins Facility Services: Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities

Cummins Facility Services: Education and Universities

Schools & Universities

Cummins Facility Services: Gyms and Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers

Cummins Facility Services: Airport, Bus, and Transportation Terminals


Cummins Facility Services: Restaurants

Restaurants & Bars

Cummins Facility Services: Hotels and Lodging

Hotels & Lodging

Cummins Facility Services: Banks and Financial Establishments

Banks & Firms

Cummins Facility Services: Government Buildings


Cummins Facility Services: New Commercial Construction

New Construction

Cummins provides a Personal Approach and National Reach

Cummins is located throughout the U.S. wherever our customers need us.

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Case Study

"Customer A" with 24 Facilities Nationwide

Cummins delivered a Cost Reduction of Over 20%

One of our customers is a major manufacturing organization with 24 facilities. They were being serviced by multiple vendors in multiple service areas, which created numerous inefficiencies and inconsistent service levels. Cummins worked with this customer to bring all facilities and services under one CFS contract – leading to cost, management, and labor savings while also improving the level of service through a dedicated staff at each location.


  • Standardized Cleaning Chemicals
  • Standardized Safety Data Sheets


  • Standardized Pricing
  • Standardized Key Performance Indicators


  • Standardized Statement of Work


  • Standardized Cleaning Equipment
Cummins Facility Services: Case Study - A Top Manufacturing of Washing Machines and Kitchen Appliances - 2 of 3
Cummins Facility Services: Case Study - A Top Manufacturing of Washing Machines and Kitchen Appliances - 3 of 3

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