We Work Smarter.

We’re proud to partner with Facility Data Services (FDS) and Facility Genius to bring innovation and efficiency to every facility we work with.


Facility Data Standard is a platform that is transforming the way companies integrate data into the facilities ecosystem

Whether you’re looking to make your building smarter or work within a more defined budget, FDS is an innovative, shared platform that will allow you to intelligently manage your operations. Utilizing technology will remove the complexity and cost related to communication, data exchange and integration.

Advantages of FDS:
• Global view of workforce and assets
• Simplify supervision and supply tasks
• Lower cost of software tools
• Better integration throughout the enterprise
• Better integration of service provided within your value chain


Facility Genius is a metrics-driven technology partner delivering custom and semi-custom solutions that improve transparency and productivity for our customer’s facilities or high demand areas within facilities. Facility Genius delivers evidence-based cleaning tools and results.

What is Evidence-Based Cleaning?
Evidence based cleaning is a method of cleaning that utilizes technology to track and analyze key data in order to substantiate and improve facility efficiencies. It shows what is being cleaned, by who, when and for how long. Cleaners use sensors and documentation to create real-time reports on services. Managers then use this data to study trends in building maintenance and use, and to create actionable strategies to improve cleaner performance.

Our Core Product Lines Include:
• Digital facility usage-to-service tracking
• Advanced disinfection solutions
• Customized nano-air filtration
• On-the-go heavy-duty power


The future of smart buildings