Women We Admire is pleased to announce the Top 50 Women Chief Executive Officers of 2024. One of the most important leadership functions in a company or organization is the Chief Executive Officer. As the highest ranking executive, the CEO is responsible for making major corporate decisions and guiding the strategic direction of the company. This role also sets the tone for the overall culture and values, while ensuring financial prosperity.

In Fortune 500 companies, only about 10% of CEOs are women, even though research shows women leaders improve collaboration and inspire employees to be more dedicated to a company’s mission. This year’s list of award recipients demonstrate the focus, drive, and commitment of today’s women CEOs.

We recognize Cindy Lin, the CEO and Co-Founder of Hey Good Social, a social impact data company working to revolutionize social good data for people, the planet, and profit. Lin brings her previous experience as a top science policy advisor for the Environmental Protection Agency, where she designed national standards, conducted cutting-edge research, and implemented protection and sustainability policies. 

We also honor Starlee Sykes, Chief Executive Officer in Archaea Energy of BP, where she worked her way up from asset manager all the way to CEO. Sykes has contributed to the worldwide goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible by leading a team of first-rate engineers and scientists to safely produce resilient, focused hydrocarbons. 

Finally, we extend congratulations to honoree Alexandra von Plato, CEO of Publicis Health, a worldwide leader in healthcare communications. One of the most respected leaders in the industry, she seamlessly navigates technologies and media to achieve success in the digital age.

Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of the Top 50 Women Chief Executive Officers of 2024. 

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27. Jill Frey
President, Cummins Facility Services

Jill Frey, the President of Cummins Facility Services (CFS), has masterfully navigated the company’s evolution from a modest 15-person team to a powerhouse with over 800 employees spread across the nation. A proud alumna of the University of Toledo, Frey seamlessly stepped into the leadership role at CFS, a company originally founded by her parents, she is proud to be certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

In 2019, she made her visionary stride into the realm of technology with the inception of Facility Genius and FacilityInSites. This innovative venture melds technology with building management to heighten operational efficiency, introducing concepts, such as intelligent sensor technology and eco-friendly air purifiers to the market.

As the Chairwoman of The Facility Data Standard (FDS), Frey pioneers the path to secure, seamless data transfer and integration in the facilities industry. The FDS, crafted meticulously by industry experts, plays a crucial role in propelling the extensive and economic adoption of electronic information technology. It seeks to revolutionize the data exchange landscape, fostering efficiency and security in the facilities ecosystem. Powered by her commitment to technological advancement and operational efficiency, Frey’s strategic leadership continues to steer her business ventures toward success. Her influence ripples beyond her enterprises, leaving a positive, lasting impact on the communities she serves.