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CFS offers multiple service, staffing, and contract options to ensure affordability, efficiency, and safety within your facility. Let us build a customized proposal of services to meet your company’s needs. Cummins can provide onsite staffing during or outside of normal employee work hours to meet client safety protocols.

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45 Clients have Partnered with CFS for Over 5 Years

45 Clients have Partnered with CFS for Over 5 Years

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Cummins Utilizes Innovative Technology Partners

Innovative Partnership with FDS for Enhanced Data-Driven Facility Management

Cummins Facility Services is thrilled to partner with Facility Development Services (FDS), a leader in fostering open data standards within the facility services industry. This partnership is pivotal in enhancing our service offerings, leveraging FDS’s commitment to data normalization and exchange.

By integrating FDS’s innovative data standards into our operations, we are able to enhance transparency, efficiency, and accuracy across all service areas. This collaboration enables us to utilize comprehensive data insights to streamline processes, improve service delivery, and ensure that our clients receive the most reliable and informed facility management solutions available today.

Our joint efforts with FDS not only elevate the quality of our services but also promote industry-wide improvements by setting new standards for data use in facility management. This strategic alliance ensures that we are at the forefront of technological advancements, providing our clients with cutting-edge, data-driven facility services that are tailored to their specific needs.

Enhanced Facility Management with Facility Genius

Cummins Facility Services is excited to partner with Facility Genius, leveraging our combined strengths in elite cleaning services and smart facility solutions. This powerful alliance addresses every dimension of facility management, ensuring environments are not only pristine but optimally functional.

Together, we have expanded our service offerings to include on-demand cleaning and evidence-based cleaning practices. These innovations allow us to respond immediately to our clients’ needs with data-driven strategies that maximize efficiency and effectiveness. This approach not only maintains the highest standards of cleanliness but also adapts dynamically to the evolving needs of the spaces we service.

Strategic Partnership with Facility InSite for Comprehensive Environmental Management

Cummins Facility Services proudly partners with Facility InSite, combining our expertise in top-tier cleaning services with their innovative environmental solutions. This collaboration ensures that every aspect of facility management is addressed, from meticulous surface cleaning to the subtleties of indoor environmental health.

Our joint offerings now include state-of-the-art air quality monitoring, a critical component in maintaining safe and comfortable spaces where people work, learn, and relax. This proactive approach allows us to continuously monitor and improve the air quality, ensuring that our clients’ environments are not only visually clean but also truly healthful and conducive to well-being.

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Cummins Facility Services: New Janitorial Technology
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