Janitorial Services

Cummins Offer Best-In-Class Janitorial Services Utilizing the Modern and Sustainable Techniques Delivered by Highly Trained Employees

CFS services are distinguished by the use of certified and sustainable janitorial cleaning practices. We emphasize customer value and continuous improvement. CFS provides site-specific job preparation, cost-effective operating practices, EEOC compliant personnel, OSHA approved processes, and informative relationships. Our knowledge and practices lead to reduced client costs through improved efficiency, security, and accountability.

Cummins Facility Services: Our janitorial employees enjoy cleaning and working with CFS

Cummins Best-In-Class Processes and Execution Delivers

Site Evaluation and Preparation

  • Management site planning and team assignment

  • CFS team service onboarding and walkthrough

  • CFS-Client review and alignment

  • Continuous post-execution service quality checks

Service Operations

  • OSHA certified

  • CIMS Green Building certified

  • Sustainability focused solutions

  • Proprietary service tracking and reporting system

Dedicated Personnel

  • EEOC compliant

  • Continuous CFS training and development

  • STAR recognition program

  • Employee engagement incentives (e.g. benefits, PTO, bonuses,…)

Client Relationships

  • Dedicated site manager

  • Service quality shared progress reporting

  • Continuous client service and performance alignment

Equipment and Chemistry

  • Most current tools and solutions

  • In-house equipment maintenance ensures good working order

  • Strong supplier relationships ensures supply availability 

Cummins Facility Services: Janitorial Cleaning
Cummins Facility Services: Janitorial Cleaning

Cummins vs. COVID

Cummins has invested in best-in-class technology and chemistry solutions that considerably reduce the risk of employees coming in contact with COVID-19 and other illness causing germs. We are able to implement procedures and protocols to protect our client’s facilities for extended periods up to 30 days. Our staff follows CDC guidelines and performs internal health checks to assure our service team members remain free from the virus.

We Specialize in the following Industries

Cummins Facility Services: Manufacturing Centers


Cummins Facility Services: Fulfillment Warehouses


Cummins Facility Services: Education and Universities

Office Areas

Cummins Facility Services: Healthcare Facilities


Cummins Facility Services: Education and Universities

Schools & Universities

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