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Jill Frey smiles. She is a white woman with long, blonde, wavy hair; blue eyes, a smile, a black shirt with a powder blue suit jacket and delicate gold earings.
Jill Frey

For more than 50 years, Cummins Facility Services has been helping clients sparkle and shine. Jill Frey is the owner and president of this family business. Her parents, Ron and Myra Cummins, founded the business in 1972, the year Frey was born. Frey grew up on Smeltzer Road and spent many days at Lawrence Orchards.

A historical photo of a white man with short brown hair, a white short-sleeved dress shirt, a red tie, and  black dress pants. He stands next to a truck.
Ron Cummins

For Frey, holidays as a child were a little different than many other families.

“Every holiday was a very big time for us to go into buildings and do strip and waxing or deep cleaning. My dad would work all night with the crews. Our holidays were always spent working as a family,” Frey says. “I started by every summer with my dad. He took me on a van route and we would clean all the restrooms for the remote GTE locations,” Frey recalls.

As a child, Frey dreamed of being a Rockette. After graduating from Pleasant High School, Frey went to the University of Toledo for communications. She wanted to be a newscaster. Shortly after Frey finished college, her parents took a vacation. The Cummins bought land on a beach in Honduras and called Frey to say they were not coming back. The company was in Frey’s hands.

A historical photo of Frey's parents smiling and laughing in front of a Christmas tree while wearing Christmas sweaters.
Ron and Myra Cummins

Frey Takes Cummins Nationwide 

When Frey became president of Cummins in 1994, it had 15 employees serving local clients. Under her leadership and determination, Cummins now serve clients nationwide.

“We have so many great employees. We still have one of our first employees here who has been here over 40 years,” Frey says. “I am so proud of my executive and leadership team. They never cease to amaze me. They are the best of the best. I have the best team. I am so proud all the way down to the front-line cleaners. It takes a village to run this company and they are out there every day working to bring our continued success.”

Frey, owner of Cummins, speaks at a glass podium with a microphone. She has wavy blonde hair and a lavender dress.
Jill Frey

This woman-owned company has been fueled by two desires: to serve its employees and its clients.

“My employees have always been my ‘why.’ When I started, I wanted to make sure they would always have jobs and be able to take care of their families. Seeing them around and knowing I am able to help them provide is the biggest reason I could have,” Frey says.

Frey has a simple secret to her success.

“Always do the right thing and believe in your team. I am here to make the world a better place, how. We enable clients to have better buildings that are safe and healthy. Cleaning for health is what we do,” Frey says.

Marion Mentors Had Positive Impact

As a young entrepreneur, Frey depended on support from local clients, employees, and leaders.

“Elaine Merchant from the Marion Palace Board and Pam Hall from Chamber [of Commerce], both dear friends from Marion, were my mentors,” Frey said. “Seeing their passions fired my own and gave me confidence in myself to pursue my dreams.”

Marion: An Undiscovered Gem

Frey is proud of this community.

“Marion is full of good people with great hearts. I am very grateful to call it my hometown. Marion is a gem that still needs to be discovered. I think its time is coming soon. There are so many wonderful things about Marion,” Frey said.

Cummins took the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and continued to thrive.

“COVID showed how important we are and the work that employees do keeps us safe,” Frey says.

Cummins Gives Back to the Community

Five young women, Cummins employees, smile in front of a flower bled in downtown Marion.
Employees of Cummins care for a
flower bed in downtown Marion.

Cummins continues to invest in the Marion area. Employees volunteer for the Peanut Butter Jelly Truck, litter clean-up, sponsor a downtown Marion flower bed, adopt local families for the holidays and serve at an area soup kitchen.

Three employees of Cummins smile while working in a kitchen with aprons.
Cummins employees volunteer at a soup kitchen.

Next Generation Joines Company

Now a third generation has joined this family-owned business.

“I am so proud that my daughter and son are working with me, they are bringing a new spin into the business. It has been a lot of fun to watch them grow and blossom,” Frey says.