Cummins utilizes advanced
Electrostatic Disinfecting techniques
to ensure superior, hygienic cleaning
of all facility surface areas.

In facilities, including those deemed essential, illness-causing germs can quickly adhere to and spread on surfaces. Manual cleaning methods and traditional disinfecting tools are not designed to effectively reach all touch points, leaving facilities and employees at risk of illness. When considering the best approach to cleaning sensitive areas such as those required for healthcare, manufacturing, education, and R&D, Electrostatic Disinfection is the most advanced process available.

Electrostatic Disinfection utilizes hospital-grade disinfectants within an electrostatically charged mist to completely and safely reach all contactable surfaces and objects, including awkwardly shaped objects and hard to reach locations. Our disinfectants are effective against coronavirus, COVID-19, MRSA, norovirus, and other cold and flu viruses on both hard and soft surfaces.

  • Safe & Effective
    Highly Tested Disinfectants that eliminate known contagions
  • Takes Less Time
    Up to 50% faster than manual cleaning
  • Reduces Cost
    Uses Disinfectants far more effeciently than manual methods
  • Keeps Employess Healthy
    Removes virus contact points from all surfaces

How does Electrostatic Disinfection work?

  • Disinfectant is atomized by electrostatic equipment.
  • Disinfectant particles are given a positive electrical charge as they exit the electrostatic sprayer.
  • Disinfectant mist is then attracted to all negative surfaces, including wraparound coverage of underside and backside areas.
  • Once a surface area is covered it repels additional mist ensuring efficient use of disinfectant.