Cummins Facility Services STAR Program rewarding exceptional employees

It’s important to me to frequently share the pride I have for the incredible CFS team that works hard to serve our wonderful clients each day. Our commitment to providing high-quality facility services would not be possible without the rock stars on our team.

While I can never fully express my gratitude to these incredible individuals for their outstanding work, CFS loves to give them a big shoutout through our company’s STAR program, which has been around for more than a decade. STAR employees are nominated by their managers, clients, or fellow employees for demonstrating the qualities of Safety, Teamwork, Attention to detail and Relationships. As part of this recognition, STARs receive a special t-shirt, monthly, handwritten cards from leadership and are included in a fun year-end drawing.

New employees begin hearing about the STAR program during their first day in training and are reminded of the opportunity throughout their time at CFS. Recognizing outstanding work is not only important for team morale, but also shows our clients when they have a STAR employee serving their facility’s needs. I have seen the benefits of employee recognition at all levels and have never regretted a single appreciation initiative for our team. After all, our company cannot achieve its goals without each individual’s dedication to quality and teamwork!

The sky is the limit for our employees who are willing to dedicate time and effort to growing individually and as experts in our industry. I think the best way to learn more about these standout employees is to hear directly from them. So, I have included some comments from
two STAR employees here:

Robin, Area Manager | Marion, Ohio
How long have you been with CFS?
Four years.

What key duties can someone in your role                           
expect during an average work day?
As part of my duties, I make sure employees
are clocked in and accounted for each shift
and that we have the proper supply levels. I
also help team members out in any way that I
can to ensure we excel together. During and
following each cleaning, I audit the areas to
ensure they meet CFS’s quality standards for
our clients.

Lori, Supervisor | Marion, Ohio
How long have you been with CFS?
Five years.

What key duties can someone in your role
expect during an average work day?
You always have something to do. Anything
from fixing equipment, to cleaning up a flood,
to making sure all staff have supplies to do
their job.

What is your favorite part about working with CFS?
All my co-workers and staff. They are greatly appreciated!
Watching employees shine as individuals and professionals is one of the greatest joys of my
job. At CFS, we all have our individual roles, but our common goals of communication,
collaboration and consistency allow us to provide clients with exceptional service. As our team
grows, I hope that we can continue to leave a lasting impact in the lives of our employees and
the clients we serve.

Jill Frey, President & CEO
Cummins Facility Services, LLC