Cummins Facility Services appreciates its employees and loyal clients. Thank you!

This year has been FULL of challenges. From minor inconveniences in our daily routines, to life-changing adjustments, sometimes it can feel like there is no clear end in sight. To get through this, we all deserve time to pause and acknowledge the unprecedented challenges we have experienced as individuals, families, business leaders and a nation. At the same time, the best way I have found to move forward is to reflect on all that we have to be grateful for. Even in times when things feel out of our control, taking a moment for gratitude can help us muster the courage and inspiration to keep going – it has certainly helped me! In the spirit of gratitude, I would like to share my reflections with you as we embrace this Thanksgiving season.

CFS employees:

Your resilience continues to amaze me! You are superheroes, bravely facing any challenge we have been presented this year. Through your dedication and commitment, we’ve had the honor of being the behind-the-scenes crew, helping our clients resume or continue business as safely as possible.

It is a blessing that there have been many new technologies and strategies within our company and industry throughout 2020, but none of that could make the impact it has for our clients without your willingness to learn and adapt. I am so proud to have you as part of our team, carrying out our mission each day. You save the day, every day!

CFS clients:

Thank you for placing your trust in our team to keep your facility clean and safe for your employees, visitors and customers, at a time when it is more important than ever. We are so grateful to provide our services so that you can do what you do best for your customers and community.

This year has been challenging for leaders in every industry, as we have been faced with many difficult decisions, uncertainty and ever-changing business practices. Even when we’ve been distanced, I have been grateful to navigate these obstacles together. We know that brighter days are ahead and we can’t wait to continue to work alongside each of you!

CFS community:

I am so grateful that through the amazing work of our team members, and both new and old relationships with our fantastic clients, Cummins Facility Services has been able to give back to causes that we hold near and dear in our communities. We realize that many people are facing greater needs than ever before, and woven in the fabric of our company is a desire to give back when we can. We promise to continue being good stewards of these values. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this fantastic network of individuals, families and businesses.

While this year has been bursting with challenges, obstacles and lessons, it has become so apparent how much we have to be grateful for. My wish is that everyone is able to reflect on their blessings and continue moving forward, together, toward a new year. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jill Frey, President & CEO
Cummins Facility Services, LLC