Cummins Facility Services: Restoring Individual Resilience and playing with family

Resilience: It’s known as an individual’s “ability to withstand or recover from difficult situations – how you’re able to restore equilibrium in your life during or following upheaval,” according to Psychology Today. If resilience was important at the beginning of 2020, it is no doubt an essential tool for navigating everyday life today. I have talked before about the importance of resilient business relationships. Expanding that concept at a more personal level, we can only be resilient in our workplace relationships when we are resilient as individuals.

So, how do you stay resilient when it feels like the only thing we can be certain of is new challenges coming from all directions? Rest assured, you CAN do this! I have compiled a few tips to consider moving forward.

Focus on your ‘Why’
Think back to the day you started working toward your current goal. What was your ‘why’? Chances are, that ‘why’ still remains, even if the once smooth circumstances have become a bit rocky.

I rely on check-ins with myself to remember my ‘why’. At Cummins, my ‘why’ always has been, and always will be my employees. They are the reason I do what I do, because I thrive on helping them grow as individuals and throughout their careers while providing the best possible work environment I can. Even in the midst of COVID-19, and any other challenge throughout my leadership career, I always keep my ‘why’ at top of mind to fuel my resilience despite any uncontrollable circumstances.

What is your ‘why’? Is it your children? Your spouse? Your community? Your commitment to helping others? Whatever your why(s), I encourage you to set routine reflections with yourself. Are the actions and attitudes you are carrying that day helping support your ‘why’? If not, it’s time to refocus on the bigger picture.

Focus on what you CAN Control
While it is easy to feel out of control with so many unique variables impacting the workplace, schools and social life, a key to staying grounded is focusing on what you CAN control. I like to release stress and gain inspiration through running. Each and every time I head out, I have control of the pace, the frequency and the distance. I also control my mindset, my willpower and my drive on each and every run.
If running isn’t your thing, the concept is still the same. Factors like what we consume for news information, food and drink, and energy impact our resilience. We can control how we interact with others, how we handle conflict and how we respond to challenging situations.

Connection is Key
I have said it before – never ever underestimate the importance of BEING THERE.
Being there may look different now, but we can still stay connected with technology or safe, socially distant settings. Mail a card, make a phone call, send a text, or set up a virtual face-to-face meeting. Make it a habit to reach out to a handful of friends or family members each day to check in on them. You will feel a sigh of relief due to the communication, and you’ll brighten their day with just a few moments!

Now, more than ever, monitoring, expanding and growing our personal resilience will impact how we navigate the current challenges for a better future. I hope these tips bring you a sense of peace and possibility as we work together to overcome and achieve.

Jill Frey, President & CEO
Cummins Facility Services, LLC