Cummins Facility Services: Our Services List

The ‘Race to Zero’ is a term that has recently taken the facility services industry by storm. This concept can be defined as driving down the cost of facility services by harnessing the latest and greatest technologies, with the ultimate goal being as close to zero profit margin as possible. Seems bizarre, right? While this concept is a little ‘out there’, Cummins Facility Services has always worked to provide our clients with outstanding facility services at a great value. CFS uses technologies to monitor the status of cleaning processes and materials, and bring in our highly-trained professionals to maintain quality and cleanliness promptly, but not prior to when it is needed for maximum cost efficiency.

With this new ‘race to zero’, a lot of firms claiming to have the expertise and technologies have entered the market. Researching the organizations, services and cleaning tactics out there can generate a whirlwind of information for organizations seeking to enlist support for janitorial services. Here are some key factors to consider when vetting a facility services company to entrust with the incredibly important job of keeping your buildings clean and safe for every occupant, every time.

Is there a quality compromise?

While there are some great organizations out there, beware of companies who are brand new to the space, offering low costs but providing little information, or proven experience, in the facility services field. As the old saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’, and while CFS is well-known for providing our clients the best standard of facility services at an affordable rate, we know that our services are crucial to keeping our clients’ businesses running safely for their employees and customers. Be sure to avoid companies who promise the ‘lowest rate’ but lack information about their values and approach to services.

Are they certified?

This is KEY. Never hesitate to do your research or ask questions from the company you are vetting to know their current certification status. Trustworthy companies will be more than willing to provide that information. Cummins Facility Services is fully certified, with our certification summary readily available on our website. No matter what company you go with, an ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard certification is a must. This ensures the team you are considering to provide trusted, consistent, peace-of-mind through proven practices at your facility is always exceptionally safe and unquestionably compliant.

Are they reputable?

With any service you are considering, never be afraid to ask for evidence of a proven, established reputation. Whether that be client references, reviewing the company’s history and value proposition, or requesting specific breakdowns of cleaning practices and policies, indicators of a solid business reputation should be readily available for your review. We proudly provide our customer testimonials, case studies, and more on our website so new or potential clients can have peace of mind when entrusting Cummins with their facility services needs.

Reaching new industry heights

It’s no secret that I get super excited about the amazing innovations in our industry. So excited, that in addition to my role at CFS, I founded Facility Genius – a certified solutions expert staffed by industry, engineering, and technical personnel to proactively and responsibly improve a company’s efficiencies, environment and facility management processes. I can’t wait to see how the technologies and innovations at Cummins Facility Services and Facility Genius help us reach new heights for our clients and our industry. I am thrilled to see the work we do now make our world a cleaner, safer place in the future.

Jill Frey, President & CEO